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3ds Max


Archviz renders with blankets, pillows, beds, curtains and more.

Various animations

Animations done with Dynamo plugin in 3ds Max.

Dancing with loose clothes

Animation of a dancing figure created with Dynamo plugin in3ds Max.

Give this monster a hug

Animation of a cute monster created with Dynamo plugin in 3ds Max.


Multi-layered dress

A stylish multi-layered cloth animated in real time with our Unity plugin.

Statue coming to life

Volumetric deformation of a sculpture in real-time using our Unity plugin: 500K tris, 10 FPS on a GTX 1070.


A soft spiky thingy happily twirling in the wild.


Unreal coming soon

Our Unreal plugin entered in closed beta! Available for Unreal 4.21, 4.24 and 4.25!

Deform SDK


A quick proof of concept for a tracksuit animated in real-time.

Fighting in real time

The first rule of Fight Club is: move in real-time! Clothes are tight and collisions are quite challenging, our physics engine simulates each character in ~10 fps on a GTX 1070.

Multiple dresses

Animated characters wearing different dresses.

Falling Armadillos

Simulation of Volumetric Deformable Bodies, or Gummy Armadillos, falling from stairs.

Spinning cloth

Stress test of our real-time collision handling.

Use cases

Logo reveal

Reveal of the logo using an animated cloth.

Virtual try-on

Virtual try-on of different clothes and materials.

Folding in VR

Folding a cloth in VR using our physics engine.

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