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Dynamo is a (real time) GPU accelerated cloth dynamics Plug-In for 3ds Max with 10-100x faster performance compared to the native cloth modifier.

Being real-time, it enables natural interactions in real time and moves the creation process from trial & error to something that is playful & fun. This shortens the trial-and-error loop that designers go through when creating new objects.

High real-time performance

Creative iterative loop

The underlying physics engine is written in C++ and CUDA C. It exploits the parallel computational capabilities of the multi-core CPU and the GPU to achieve exceptional performance and scalability, while producing accurate and reliable animations. Multithreaded and extensively optimized, this simulator is built for speed. Award winning optimization used in Hollywood blockbusters.

Super fast cloth animation

Finetune every property

Dynamo is very fast to set up. Add a Dynamo modifier to your chosen cloth object and collision geometry is automatically created for all visible objects. Press interact and you can immediately start interacting with the cloth in realtime to test your setup.

Dynamo currently supports stretching, bending stiffness, pressure, and wind forces with the ability to animate every property.


Character animation

Use Dynamo to quickly set-up and simulate your characters clothing.


Add life to your archviz renders with blankets, pillows, beds, curtains and more. Interact mode lets you throw, drag, fold and pin your garments in real time.

Character design

Design garments and test them on your character. The real time interaction lets you quickly iterate on your designs.

Motion graphics

Dynamo supports your vision with support for soft bodies, wind forces, pressure etc. The super fast simulation allows you to try new things and quickly iterate.


Simulate objects with internal pressure, such as inflatable flamingos. The pressure property can be animated using keyframes.


Add and animate forces such as wind to your simulation, creating lively motion.

Soft bodies

Simulate volumetric objects such as fat, tissue or jelly in an physically plausible way, where the volume is conserved.


Select vertices to pin. Use CTRL to pin in interact mode and ALT to release. This allows for quick placement and styling of clothes and fabrics.


Select edges that should be treated as seams. The edges will contract and allows you to create believable clothing and accessories.


Interact mode lets you throw, drag, fold and pin the simulated objects inside the 3ds Max viewport in real time.

Disable physics

Use the ability to disable all physical forces, and use Dynamo to sculpt interesting shapes together with the interact mode.

Dynamo subdivision

The implementation of allows smoother subdivision of poisson meshes typical for clothing simulation. This allows simulation on lower res meshes that can be smoothed post processing.

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