Deform Animation Tool

Future Animation Tool for Textile & Deformable Bodies

Deform offers performant and flexible tools for creating compelling 3D animations of deformable objects in real-time.


  • High performance cloth animation tool.
  • Being real-time, it enables natural interactions in Virtual Reality.
  • Interactivity shortens the trial-and-error loop that most designers go through when creating new objects.
  • Supports 3ds Max by Autodesk, Unity and Unreal Engine.


The underlying physics engine is written in C++ and CUDA C. It exploits the parallel computational capabilities of the multi-core CPU and the multithreaded GPU to achieve exceptional performance and scalability, while producing accurate and reliable animations.

  • Mesh collider. Accurate collisions with animated characters.
  • Multi-layered. Animated characters can wear multi-layered clothes.
  • Realistic friction.

Supported platforms

3ds Max Unity Blender

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